Photo Manipulation

A collection of my work for photo-manipulation

I’m 23 Y/O multidisciplinary designer always hungry to learn more. Learn more? Yes, I believe that artists & designers should never stop learning because there is always something new. 
I consider myself a highly motivated individual that strives to create the best he can while keeping up to date with the latest tendencies. I’ve worked freelance for many years mainly in the Music Industry, mainly internationally.
Some time ago I created an international design & art collective, alongside a friend, with the purpose of creating monthly art exhibitions. The displays of artistic mastery and diversity of each member made these exhibitions a success. It was called SENSE COLLECTIVE.
My biggest passion is Cinema. I love the Posters, the editing, the advertising as a whole and the industry and some of my work clearly reflects this because I try to transmit dramatic and cinematic vibes. Sometimes I try to create my own title tracks or short animated stories in an effort of developing my skills as a motion designer.
My days are spent designing, judging posters & logos and my nights dreaming and thinking about what my next project could be.